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About Us

Kashima Electronics (Sin-tai kashima Electronics) is a professional Japanese EMS production factory, the products are mainly used in household appliances, industrial machinery, Automotive Vehicle, medical, energy and other industries.

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kashima Electronics (Suzhou) Co., LTD was established in August 2018. It is 100% invested by Sintai-kashima Electronics (Shanghai) Co., LTD. The main production, processing of all kinds of electronic products, to provide customers with professional, flexible, fast Electronics Manufacturing Service(EMS).

Japan Headquarters: Kashima Electronics Inc.

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Provide customers with green procurement and management services including PCB design & procurement, electronic parts, institutional parts and auxiliary consumables, as well as the design and production of tooling fixtures and electrical inspection equipment in the product manufacturing process, which is convenient, efficient and safe. , to help customers greatly reduce the burden of supporting management.


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Talent advantage:Professional institutions have in-depth cooperation and exchanges, obtaining solid technical support and sufficient talent reserves.

Technical advantages:New SMT automatic production line, Pb free, N2process, electronic management system.

Bussiness advantage:The basic concept of honesty and trustworthiness, quality first, and sustainable management will realize the harmonious development of the enterprise.

Product advantages:Professional EMS company, whose products involve communication, industrial machinery, vehicle, medical, energy and other industries.