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Talent Concept

Talent Idea

Adhering to the talent work tenet of "respecting people's value, developing people's potential, and sublimating people's minds", we will build an organization that is inclusive of all rivers. In this organization, ordinary people become outstanding people, and outstanding people become outstanding people. People are constantly here to realize their life dreams.

Cultivate and cultivate a talent team that wins market leadership, creates organizational advantages, and has a sense of mission and responsibility.

Caring for employees from the aspects of life, emotion and growth.

Respect staff's value
Advocate that everyone is a talent. As long as you agree with the philosophy of Sintai-Kashima and Kashima Electronics, as long as you have professional spirit and professional quality, you can become the talents of Sintai-Kashima and Kashima Electronics.

Advocate the common growth of enterprise value and employee value. With the development of the enterprise, employees also get remuneration and positions that are suitable for their own efforts, and realize value recognition.

Develop staff's potential
Put talent development at a strategic height, continuously provide employees with learning opportunities, work opportunities, and opportunities to challenge themselves, cultivate people in all directions and at multiple levels, fully tap people's potential, and make the best use of their talents.

Sublimate staff's mind

Following the business philosophy of "We improve people's living standards and contribute to society through the development of enterprises. Win the trust of customers with honesty, and challenge the future with vigorous enthusiasm and actions", all business activities make people's lives better. good to exist.
Through cultural training, value shaping, incentive mechanism, work experience, etc., create an inspiring and growth-promoting atmosphere, stimulate employees' sense of professionalism, responsibility, and mission, lead employees to explore the meaning of work and life, and devote themselves to A higher level of spiritual sublimation, to achieve the pursuit beyond personal interests.